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Short hair styles - find the 7 best medium short hairstyles

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Whether pixie cut, garcon cut or undercut: short hairstyles are really on trend. Here we reveal which cuts are totally hyped and the best ways to style short hair. So get inspired for your next visit to the hairdresser and find the style that suits you best.

Believe it or not, the right short hairstyle emphasizes your femininity. Fine facial features, a feminine chin, or bright eyes - short hair emphasizes features that make up your face. A short haircut opens up your face and immediately makes you look much more confident.

7 best short hairstyles of 2024

Review the recommended hairstyles for short hair, with their appearances and necessary attachments you need to prepare when you are determined to try.

1. The pixie cut - short hairstyles for thin hair

Women love the benefits of a short haircut, which can be very sexy when styled correctly. While the model Twiggy made the short cut of the 60s socially acceptable in an avant-garde way, stars such as Victoria Beckham and Emma Watson are now the godmothers of the rediscovery of the pixie cut.

The pixie style is pure sex appeal - if it's done well and the color is right. As the name suggests, the trendy hairstyle not only looks very sexy, it also gives the wearer a delicate, pixie-like appearance. This is what the pixie cut looks like:

  • Very short sides

  • Shaved nape

  • Longer hair on the top of the head

The rasp-short hair sets off accessories particularly well: from headbands, clips, and barrettes in various designs to tiaras or smart, colorful clip-in strands - there are no limits to your imagination and taste

2. The bowl cut - cute hairstyles for short hair

If we think back to the sixties and seventies, we can't avoid the mushroom head trend. It's like putting a pot or bowl on your head and then cutting around it, many people say. Formerly ridiculed as a pot cut, the bowl cut is back today and stands for modernity and strength like no other hairstyle. Features of the bowl cut are

  • The straight cut around the head

  • Hair combed smoothly to the front

  • The continuous length at ear level

Anyone who thinks that a bowl cut could look monotonous in the long run is wrong. The former bowl cut does not always have to be worn straight. With a side parting, in a sleek look or as a curly head - the mushroom head can be styled individually and therefore suits many people.

3. The buzz cut – not only black short hairstyles

For the daring among you, we have probably the most special trend when it comes to short hairstyles in 2024: the buzz cut, also perfect for black short hairstyles. More and more stars are adopting the trendy look this year and the raspy short cut is also becoming increasingly common on the streets. The buzz cut is hard to miss:

  • A hair length of less than 20mm

That's what makes this trendy short hairstyle so special. When it comes to styling, no hairstyle is as uncomplicated as the buzz cut. There's no need for long blow-drying or styling with straighteners or curling irons. A little water is usually enough and the hairstyle is back in place.

4. The bob - short hairstyles for women

The bob is a classic among the eternal trend hairstyles. It hardly ever goes out of fashion. The bob can be worn in many variations and suits every face shape and all hair textures.

5. The chin-grazing hair length - short hairstyles for women over 60

Do you want to change your look? Celebrate a new phase in your life on the outside? You can't go wrong with a bob. And if you want even more change: The timeless hairstyle can be styled in many different ways - from the wavy or messy version to the classic sleek look.

6. The undercut - short hairstyles for women over 50

The undercut is a mixture of an extravagant short hairstyle and a longer cut. And ever since Miley Cyrus' famous appearances, this cool hairstyle has been an absolute trend for many women. Anyone who wears an undercut has a longer top hair and shorter hair on the sides

The short haircut is an absolute must, especially for self-confident women. Do you have voluminous and full hair? Then an undercut or sidecut is just right for you. And this short hairstyle is anything but boring. You can rock the undercut, for example.

But the cut is also elegant and chic. If the top hair is long, it can be braided in, for example, to create a new look.

7. The garcon cut – best short hairstyles for black women

Mischievous, sexy, and easy to care for: that's the garcon cut. Another trend among short hairstyles - also known as the boyish look. The short haircut was invented in Hollywood in the 1920s and became a hairstyle superstar in the 60s thanks to the singer Twiggy. Now the fashionable look is making a comeback. How to recognize a Garcon cut:

  • Very short on the top of the head & sides

  • Bold, upright styled strands

  • Short, round bangs

  • Tapered side sections

The garcon cut can be styled more bravely and casually with a straightening iron or hairdryer by simply styling the entire hairstyle straight. A natural look can be enhanced with highlights and subtle make-up.

What is correct way to style short hair?

Anything but boring: short hair is often much more exciting and looks livelier than long hair that just hides your face. Whether chic, romantic or cool and rocking - short hairstyles can be styled individually. And short hair opens up a whole range of styling options.

Once your long hair is short, you won't regret it - provided that the hairstyle suits your overall style and type. Depending on the occasion and your mood, your hair can be slicked back, straightened, and curled - or transformed into a wispy out-of-bed style.

Essential styling tools for short hairstyles are straighteners, heat protection spray and hair gloss for a perfect finish. The bangs in particular determine the effect the short hairstyle will have on the other person:

  • Cheeky (fringed)

  • Sleek (ultra-smooth and shiny)

  • Elegant (neat)

  • Punky (raised or diagonally fringed)

To end this post

There are many short hairstyles for black women or white women for every age. If you too would like to dare to finally wear short hair to feel trendy, feminine, and pretty, then simply try one of the haircuts we have listed.

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