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3 of the best lightweight hair dryers that are fast, compact, and versatile in 2024

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Every person looks for something different in a hair dryer. But one thing that lots of stylists look for is a dryer that is lightweight and ergonomically designed.

Such a dryer is perfect for versatile styling, but it also means you can take it with you on vacation or if you travel regularly for business.

With this in mind, we introduce you to the main features you should look for in the best lightweight hair dryers and reveal Laifen's top three dryers for anyone who prioritizes weight as a key determinant when buying a hair dryer.

The main features of the best lightweight hair dryers

Are you wondering what to look for in the best lightweight, low-noise hair dryers? Here are some key features to look for before deciding on a model:

  • Ionic technology: Ionic technology utilizes negative ions, which is crucial in the elimination of frizz. Ionic hair dryers are also much better at delivering a shiny, sleek blow dry than conventional dryers.

  • Adjustable heat: One of the leading causes of dry and brittle hair is overdrying your hair, using a dryer's hottest temperature setting consistently. As such, using a dryer with adjustable heat settings will ensure the even distribution of heat across your hair.

  • Weight: Given the scope of this article, the weight of your chosen hair dryer is also important to consider. We recommend dryers that weigh no more than 500g.

  • Price: You don't have to spend the big bucks to access high-quality ionic dryers. In fact, many of the best lightweight hair dryers are available for $200 or less, offering great value for money.

  • Appearance: It undoubtedly helps if your lightweight hair dryer looks the part, so consider the design features and color schemes available for your preferred dryer.

Three of the best lightweight fast-drying hair dryers in 2024

At Laifen, our lightweight, high-performing hair dryers are highly rated and enable you to achieve a salon-grade blow dry at home or on the go. Here are three of the best ionic lightweight dryers you can buy in 2024:

1. Laifen Swift Special

The best lightweight professional hair dryer, rated 4.7/5.0

Why buy it?

The Laifen Swift Special is our top-rated ionic hair dryer, trusted by hundreds of thousands of people, including influencers and stylists alike. It features adjustable heat settings that enable you to dry your hair on the low, medium, or high setting, depending on your preferences.

It comes with a magnetic standard nozzle for everyday styling and features ionic technology. This eliminates frizz and enhances shine, ensuring a high-quality, professional-grade blow dry every day from home. If you have long, straight hair, you can switch to the concentrator nozzle for targeted blow drying.

We also rate the Laifen Swift Special as the best lightweight hair dryer with a diffuser attachment, which comes as standard. This is ideal for blow-drying curly or wavy hair, as it reduces heat pressure and ensures a thorough and complete blow-dry without damaging your hair.

2. Laifen Swift

The best lightweight compact hair dryer, rated 4.7/5.0

Why buy it?

The Laifen Swift is our original product and is widely regarded as the best lightweight ionic hair dryer for everyday use. It's a high-speed dryer with adjustable heat settings, enabling you to achieve a salon-grade blow dry from the comfort of your home.

It's super lightweight - at just 407g - and is extremely easy to use. The inclusion of the magnetic nozzle for everyday styling helps you to direct the heat to specific areas of your hair without issue. If you're looking for a premium quality lightweight dryer without spending the big bucks, the Laifen Swift is the best choice.

3. Laifen SE

The best lightweight hair dryer for travel on a budget, rated 4.7/5.0

Why buy it?

The best lightweight hair dryer at a super low price is the Laifen SE, available for just $129.99. This lightweight and compact dryer is a great option for regular travelers, as it can easily fit into your suitcase or even carry-on luggage. It's lightweight, too, and won't take up much of your allotted baggage weight allowance.

You can look at the SE as a streamlined version of the Swift Special. It features the same core features and specs and is a high-performing ionic dryer that dries your hair to perfection. If budget and versatility are two of your biggest considerations when buying a hair dryer, the Laifen SE is the obvious choice.


At Laifen, we specialize in pioneering technology that helps you dry your hair to perfection. Our three dryers are lightweight, compact, and extremely versatile, offering you the chance to style your hair in numerous ways.

Whether you opt for the SE, Swift Special, or the original Swift, you will be able to achieve a salon-grade blow dry at home, thanks to Laifen's ionic technology and adjustable heat settings that make drying your hair a breeze.

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