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4 pro hair dryers for thin hair that protect your scalp

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If you have thin or thinning hair, it's important to choose a hair dryer for thin hair that protects you from heat damage and prevents your hair from drying out.

One of the biggest threats to thin hair is heat damage caused by inferior dryers, so this is something that you need to avoid when looking for the right blow dryer for your hair type.

As such, we introduce you to four brilliant hair dryers for thin hair that come with ionic technology and adjustable heat settings, enabling you to protect your hair as you dry it at home.

4 of the best hair dryers for thin hair

In the first section, you can review and compare the features of our recommended 4 dryers for thin hair. You can choose from them based on your requirements. Their differences lie in the types of nozzles, wind speed, colors, materials, and more. Let's get started.

Top 1. Swift Special

Swift Special hair dryer for thin hair

Our Swift Special hair dryer stands out for its features and high user feedback. You'll enjoy a quiet, professional hair dryer suitable for thin hair, equipped with nozzles including a concentrator and diffuser. These attachments help you achieve smoother results when blow-drying and styling your curly or wavy hair.

To provide further detail, the concentrator nozzle allows you to section your hair and dry specific areas with higher efficiency and better results compared to the normal blowout method. Moreover, the Swift Special causes less frizz and heat damage, leaving your hair looking brilliant, akin to air drying or towel drying, but with quicker results.


  • Less heat damage and frizz caused

  • Quiet up to 59dB

  • Mulitple popular colors to pick up

  • Easy to carry on the go

  • Comes with concentrator and diffuser nozzles

    Top 2. Laifen Swift

    Swift hair dryer for thin hair to choose from

    A long-time favorite of stylists and influencers alike, the Laifen Swift is a portable, lightweight blow dryer that is perfect for people with thin hair.

    Like all Laifen dryers, it benefits from ionic technology and adjustable heat settings for the perfect blow dry every time.

    You can crank things up a notch by ordering the Laifen Swift in ruby red or opt for a more traditional color like silver blue, pearl white, or matte black.


    • Favored by stylists and influencers, reliable and highly regarded

    • Portable, lightweight design ideal for users with thin hair

    • Ionic technology and adjustable heat settings for a customized blowout

    • Color options include ruby red, silver blue, pearl white, matte black


    • Color options may not suit those seeking more diverse choices

    Top 3. Laifen SE

    Thin hair dryer - SE

    Last but certainly not least is the Laifen SE, another of the best blow dryers for fine thin hair. The SE comes with two magnetic nozzles to help you when it comes to styling your thin hair, while you can be assured of no heat damage for the reasons already mentioned above.

    The SE is a brilliant option for anyone on a budget, available at less than $150. It guarantees a salon-grade blow dry at home, offering incredible protection to your thinning hair.


    • Laifen SE, top choice for fine thin hair, with dual nozzles

    • Assured no heat damage, ideal for thin hair protection

    • Affordable option, priced at less than $150 for salon-grade results

    • Provides excellent protection for thinning hair during home blowouts


    • Limited color options may not cater to varied preferences

    Top 4. Swift Premium

    Swift Premium to blow out thin hair

    Available in three stylish colors - golden white, golden blue, and golden pink - the Laifen Swift Premium is another excellent hair dryer for thin hair. Why? Well, like the Special, it benefits from adjustable heat settings, putting you in total control of how you dry your hair.

    What's more, the Premium features ionic technology that helps to prevent your thin hair from frizzing as you dry it. You can also benefit from the magnetic standard nozzle that comes with the Swift Premium, helping you to style your thin hair like a pro at home.


    • Stylish colors - golden white, blue, and pink for aesthetic appeal

    • Adjustable heat settings for total control over thin hair drying

    • Ionic technology prevents frizz, ensuring a smooth, polished finish

    • Includes magnetic standard nozzle for professional styling at home


    • Limited color options - exclusive to golden white, blue, pink

    Expert blow-drying tips for thinning hair

    Now that you know the best products to use, here are some tips that will help you care for your thinning hair like a pro:

    1. Heat management is key

    As your hair follicles are thin, you risk damaging your hair and scalp if you always dry your hair with your blow dryer's hottest setting. So, opting for a pro dryer that allows you to adjust the heat setting is a super important step. Laifen blow dryers also come with auto cycles, meaning you can trust our technology to move between hot, cold, and warm settings to dry your hair optimally.

    2. Consider a heat protectant

    Another top tip for blow drying thin hair is to apply a heat protectant before drying. This is such a simple step, and the heat protectant acts as an additional barrier between your hair and the dryer, ensuring that you don't overheat your hair when drying. You can order a heat protectant online for less than $10, and it's a great investment if you're serious about caring for your hair.

    3. Don't "over-dry" your hair

    Many people make the mistake of “over-drying” their hair. We recommend drying your hair with a microfiber towel before blow drying. Then, dry your hair until it is about 80% dry with your Laifen blow dryer. You can then let your hair dry naturally. This is a great tip for people with thin hair, as it further helps to prevent your hair from drying out.

    Final thoughts

    Choosing a hair dryer for thin hair is crucial if you want to protect your thin hair from drying out. Each of the dryers in the Laifen range - the Swift Special, the Swift Premium, the Swift, and the SE - are all great options for people with thin hair. This is because they benefit from ionic technology and have adjustable heat settings to put you in full control of how you dry your hair.

    Consider the color options and the additional settings that you would like to see before ordering your Laifen dryer today. Learn more about the best hair dryers for thin hair below by reading our helpful FAQs.


    Q1: What is the best hair dryer for thinning hair?

    The best hair dryer for fine thinning hair is the Laifen Swift Special. It comes with adjustable heat settings and dries your hair 5.5x faster than other products on the market, offering heat protection while delivering a salon-grade blow dry every time.

    Q2: How to choose a hair dryer for thin hair?

    The main things to consider when choosing a hair dryer for thin hair are the speed and heat settings. You should be able to adjust how hot the dryer is when drying your hair without compromising on speed. This is why Laifen dryers are a great option for people with thin hair.

    Q3: How do you use a hair dryer for thin hair?

    You should adjust the heat settings frequently and ensure that the dryer is far enough away from your scalp to avoid accidental damage. Also, you might consider investing in a heat protectant to add extra protection to your hair.

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