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4 of the best affordable hair dryers that will blow you away in 2024

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    The best blow dryers don't need to cost you a hefty chunk of your savings. But equally, it's best to avoid cheap dryers that promise results, as they can cause more harm than good to your hair.

    So, choosing from the best affordable hair dryers is about knowing what to look for and understanding the features that are included in high-quality blowers.

    Here, we explain everything you need to look for when choosing a new blow dryer and introduce you to the best affordable hair dryer in 2024, courtesy of Laifen.

    Introducing the best affordable diffuser hair dryers in 2024

    Top 1. Laifen Swift Premium

    Available in golden pink, golden white, and golden blue, the Swift Premium is a super fast, portable blow dryer that is taking the world by storm at the start of 2024.

    Popular with professional stylists and influencers, the Swift Premium benefits from a brushless motor and negative ion technology to provide a professional blow dry every time.

    You don't need to worry about potential heat damage and you can dry your hair 5.5x faster than with other products.

    If you're looking to elevate your home hair drying routine in 2024, the Laifen Swift Premium is the best affordable hair dryer available to you.


    • Swift Premium's swift drying - 5.5x faster, efficient time-saving solution.

    • Brushless motor and negative ions ensure a professional, salon-quality finish.

    • Available in stylish golden pink, white, and blue color options.

    • Loved by professionals and influencers for its outstanding performance.


    • Limited color options - exclusive to golden pink, white, blue.

    Top 2. Laifen Swift Special

    Similar to the Premium, the Laifen Swift Special is another superb affordable blow dryer that comes with three nozzles for ease of use. When you buy the Special package, you receive a diffuser, concentrator, and a magnetic nozzle for styling.

    This gives you full daily control of the hairstyle that you're going for and is a great way to achieve salon-grade hair from home.


    • Laifen Swift Special includes three nozzles for versatile styling options.

    • Affordable package with a diffuser, concentrator, and magnetic styling nozzle.

    • Empowers daily styling, achieving salon-grade hair effortlessly from home.


    • May not offer the ultra-fast drying speed of Swift Premium.

    Top 3. Laifen SE

    The Laifen SE is a high-speed hair dryer that is available in four brilliant colors - matte white, matte pink, matte blue, and matte purple.

    It's also our most affordable dryer at less than $150, offering you a superb, salon-grade dryer for an affordable price.


    • Laifen SE, high-speed dryer, available in four stylish matte colors.

    • Most affordable option at less than $150, superb salon-grade performance.


    • Limited color options restricted to matte white, pink, blue, purple.

    Top 4. Laifen Swift

    The Swift is a brilliant portable hair dryer that is popular with stylists, professional hairdressers, and influencers alike. Available in matte black, petal pink, silver blue, or pearl white, it's available for a great price.

    This high-speed dryer blow dries your hair 5.5x faster than similar products on the market, serving as the ideal product to add to your home styling setup.


    • Swift, a popular choice among stylists, hairdressers, and influencers.

    • Available in matte black, petal pink, silver blue, and pearl white.

    • High-speed drying - 5.5x faster than comparable market products.

    • Affordable pricing makes it an ideal addition to home styling.


    • Color options limited to matte black, petal pink, silver blue, white.

    Considerations when choosing the best affordable blow dryer for natural hair

    As there are so many blow dryers out there, choosing the right product for your hair (and your bank balance) is not necessarily an easy process.

    After all, not all hair dryers are created equal, and many cheap, inferior products can cause harm to your hair, particularly as far as overheating and drying out your hair is concerned.

    Still, we don't think you need to pay $300+ for the most expensive hair dryers on the market either. For us, affordability is key to ensuring that you get the best quality blow dryer you can buy with your available budget.

    With that in mind, here are five handy tips that will help you choose the best affordable hair dryer in 2024:

    1. Begin with your hair type and style

    Recognising that the best affordable hair dryer for fine hair may be different from the best affordable blow dryer for curly hair is an important starting point.

    As you're probably aware, hair dryers come in all shapes and sizes, and some are better suited to different hair types and styles.

    If you don't want to pick a specialty dryer, opt for a portable, lightweight blow dryer that expertly dries most hair types.

    This is the best way to cover all bases and ensures that you can take your blow dryer with you when you're working away from home or are on vacation.

    2. Wattage is important

    Checking the wattage of a hair dryer is a great way to check how powerful and efficient the product is. Anything less than 1,000 watts will struggle to dry your hair effectively and efficiently.

    Cheap dryers tend to have low wattage, while salon-grade dryers may have a wattage of more than 2,000.

    Our hair dryers come with a wattage of 1,400, which is perfect for blow drying your hair at home efficiently without any speed or performance issues.

    3. Look for adjustable heat settings

    Another feature of the best affordable hair dryers is that they come with adjustable heat settings. It's not necessary to blow dry your hair on the highest heat every time, as this can damage your hair and cause it to dry out.

    What's more, buying a dryer with adjustable heat settings means you can use it whether your hair is fine, normal, or thick. You can dry fine hair on a low setting and thick hair on a high setting, for instance.

    Laifen dryers come with three adjustable heat settings - hot, warm, and cold - putting you in total control of the way that you blow dry your hair at home.

    4. Think about drying speed

    Naturally, the speed of a hair dryer is also important to think about. If you opt for a cheap model, you will find that it usually takes a long time for your hair to dry.

    However, opting for the best and most affordable hair dryer ensures that you can buy a fast blow dryer that gets the job done in a fraction of the time.

    In fact, Laifen blow dryers dry your hair 5.5x faster than most conventional dryers, offering you the ideal solution if you don't want to wait an eternity for your hair to dry.

    5. Don't forget about attachments

    One of the easiest ways to guarantee that you have the best affordable hair dryer for curly hair is by investing in the correct attachments. For instance, a diffuser nozzle is the perfect addition to your blow dryer if you have curly hair, as it accentuates your waves and keeps your hair looking voluminous.

    In contrast, if you have straight hair, a concentrator nozzle is a good attachment, as it helps you to focus on specific areas of your hair for more efficient drying.

    Our diffuser nozzle and concentrator nozzle are compatible with each dryer in the Laifen range, meaning you can effortlessly tailor your dryer to your specific hair-drying needs.

    Also, don't forget about the best affordable hair dryer brush, so you can easily style your hair as you blow dry it at home.

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