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5 stylish short haircuts for males with oval faces + pro styling tips

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Choosing a hairstyle based on the shape of your head is a great way to show off the best features of your face. At Laifen, we believe that guys with oval faces look awesome with short hair, as it complements the balanced features of the face and helps to keep things in check. In this article, we reveal how you know if you have an oval shaped face and introduce you to 5 stylish short haircuts for males with oval faces.

How to know if you have an oval-shaped face?

An oval face shape is proportionally balanced, but it is longer than it is wide. Most people with oval faces also have a round jawline and chin. For the majority of people, the widest part of an oval face is the forehead.

Some say that an oval face resembles an upside down egg, and it's a good analogy to try and work out which type of face you actually have.

So, if you know that you have this type of face, what are some of the best short haircuts for males with oval faces? Let's take a look.

1. The classic undercut

Laifen's pro styling tip: Pair your undercut with a medium-length beard to transform this classic, smart look into something a little more rugged.

One of the short haircuts for oval faces male with straight hair, the classic undercut is a great option. We think it looks great with a medium-long beard, offering a slightly rugged look to what is a timeless cut.

The short back and sides that are the signature of the undercut ensure a neat appearance and perfectly complement the balanced look of an oval face. We encourage you to pin your undercut back with a strong-holding wax to keep it in place.

2. The Caesar cut

Laifen's pro styling tip: Ask your barber for a 0 or 1 on the sides for something a little more daring. When paired with the textured top, it's a great look for guys with oval faces.

For short haircuts for oval faces male, look no further than the Caesar cut. This is a great option if you have thin hair, as it's a great way to add texture and length on top, while trimming things on the sides.

You may be aware that the Caesar cut is famed for its horizontal fringe, short sides, and tousled top, and it's super easy to achieve with the help of your barber. We love it for guys with oval faces because it maintains your face's balanced proportions and ensures you look stylish and smart no matter where you're going.

3. The buzz cut

Our pro styling tip: An easy way to elevate a buzz cut for guys with oval faces is with a short beard. Shape and style your beard to complement the no-nonsense look the buzz cut provides.

It's fair to say that the buzz cut works for guys with practically all face types, and guys with oval-shaped faces are certainly no exception. Consider leaving your buzz a little longer than usual, perhaps a number 2 or 3, and pair it with stubble or a few day's beard growth to add substance to the look.

Without a beard, the buzz cut on an oval face can be a little characterless, but we think the beard does a great job of framing your face and ensures that you can look your best.

4. The fade

Pro styling tip: The key to the fade is your barber - make sure you go to someone you trust to get the layers right and to avoid it looking messy!

The fade is an effortlessly trendy style that has been popular with guys for a long time now. It also makes our list as one of the best short haircuts for oval-faced males with straight hair. Why? Because it provides a gradual transition from long to short and helps to add some angles to your oval face.

Though it's a great style for guys with short hair, you can even opt for a fade with slightly longer locks, as it provides a modern, stylish look for guys with lots of hair types.

5. The short wolf

Pro styling tip: Add sea salt spray to your wolf cut to really bring out its volume.

Okay we hear you - how on earth is the wolf a good haircut for guys with short hair? Well, it can certainly work for guys with short-medium hair and it's an ideal option if you're looking for short haircuts for oval faces with curly hair.

The wolf is all about unruly curls and it suits guys with dark hair particularly well. When tailored, the wolf can look as smart as it does enigmatic, so make sure you strike the right balance for the look that you're going for.

Recap - 5 of the best short haircuts for oval faces male

As you can see, there are lots of ways to showcase your hairstyle if you have an oval face. This is a popular face type and we think that short hair looks particularly great, given that it frames the face well and doesn't hide your best feature - your forehead.

Feel free to mix things up and experiment with different cuts until you're happy with your style. It makes sense to ask your barber for inspiration if you're not sure of which look to go for this year.

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