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20 best hairstyles for round face man: Short and long haircuts

It's absolutely right that men with round faces should opt for styles that add height and angles, such as pompadours, quiffs, and faux hawks.

Side parts and undercuts work well to create the illusion of a longer face, while voluminous sides should be avoided as they can make the face appear wider.

Unlike square or oval faces that suit structured or versatile looks, round faces need styles that add height and avoid width.

You're in the right place! Now, discover 20 hairstyles perfect for men with round faces!

1. Pompadour

A pompadour is one of the best hairstyles for men with round faces. This iconic style lifts the hair upwards and gives an illusion of a longer face. It's flattering for those with thick hair and requires a bit of dedication to maintain the volume and structure.

You can use a high-quality pomade to achieve the sleek, glossy finish that characterizes this look. Though it takes some daily styling, the results are undeniably striking and versatile, suitable for both formal and casual settings.

2. High fade with quiff

For a modern, edgy appearance, the high fade with a quiff is a standout choice. This hairstyle features closely cropped sides that gradually fade into longer hair on top, styled into a quiff. Men with straight or slightly wavy hair will find this cut effective to wear.

While it demands some effort to style daily—using a strong hold gel or wax—the height and definition it adds to the face make it worth it. This look is perfect for those who enjoy a sharp, polished appearance.

3. Side part

A side part offers a classic and sophisticated style that complements a round face. This hairstyle can be achieved with short to medium hair lengths and suits straight or slightly wavy hair. The side part adds a touch of asymmetry, which helps in elongating the face. This versatile style is appropriate for both professional and casual occasions.

4. Faux hawk

The faux hawk is ideal for those who want a daring and contemporary look. This hairstyle is all about adding height and edge to your appearance, making it perfect for men with round faces. The faux hawk is a great choice for casual and informal settings, exuding confidence and a bold personality.

5. Textured crop

A textured crop is perfect for adding dimension and structure to a round face. This short, manageable style works well for straight or wavy hair and requires minimal maintenance.

A small amount of texturizing product can bring out the natural movement of the hair, offering an effortless and casual look. It's a practical option for those who prefer low-fuss hairstyles that still provide a fashionable edge.

6. Crew cut

The crew cut is a timeless and clean-cut option for men with round faces. It's a short style that's incredibly easy to maintain, making it ideal for those with a busy lifestyle.

This haircut suits all hair types, from straight to curly, and is particularly suitable for warm weather.

The crew cut provides a neat and tidy look that's versatile enough for both professional and casual environments.

7. Long top, short sides

A style featuring a long top with short sides is an excellent choice for men seeking a trendy, modern look. This contrast in length helps elongate the face.

It requires regular trims to maintain its sharp appearance. While daily styling is needed to keep the top in shape, using a good hold product ensures the hairstyle stays intact. This look is perfect for those who want to make a statement.

8. Undercut with slick back

An undercut with a slick back exudes sophistication and style. This haircut involves very short sides with longer hair slicked back on top. This cut requires a strong hold pomade or gel to achieve a sleek, polished finish. This style is perfect for formal occasions and provides a mature, refined look that's sure to impress.

9. Taper fade with brush up

The taper fade with a brush-up is a contemporary hairstyle that adds height and modern flair. The gradual fade on the sides contrasts with the brushed-up hair on top, elongating the face. This style is ideal for straight or wavy hair and requires some daily styling to maintain the volume and structure.

10. Messy waves

You can embrace a more relaxed vibe with messy waves. This hairstyle capitalizes on natural texture and movement, making it perfect for medium-length hair.

It's easy to style with a bit of texturizing spray or mousse, creating a casual, effortless look. Messy waves are ideal for everyday wear, offering a laid-back yet stylish option for men with round faces.

11. Short spiky hair

Short spiky hair is a lively and youthful option. This style adds height and texture, which helps in balancing the roundness of the face. It's easy to style with some hair gel or wax and works well with straight hair. This playful look can be adapted for various occasions and leaves versatility and a touch of fun to your hairstyle repertoire.

12. Buzz cut

A buzz cut is the ultimate low-maintenance hairstyle for men with round faces. This ultra-short style is ideal for those who prefer a no-fuss approach to their hair.

I think it's great for all hair types and is particularly refreshing in hot climates. The buzz cut provides a clean, uniform look that's both practical and stylish, suitable for any occasion.

13. Angular fringe

The angular fringe is a trendy choice that adds definition to a round face. This style involves longer hair at the front, cut at an angle to create a sharp, geometric look. The angular fringe is a bold, fashion-forward option that stands out.

14. Caesar cut

The Caesar cut is a classic and easy-to-maintain hairstyle that suits men with round faces. This short haircut features a straight, horizontal fringe and works well with all hair types.

It's a great option for those who prefer a neat and tidy appearance with minimal styling effort. The Caesar cut is timeless and versatile, fitting well into both professional and casual settings.

15. Medium shaggy hair

For a more laid-back look, medium shaggy hair is an excellent choice. This style embraces natural texture and movement, making it perfect for wavy or curly hair.

It's low-maintenance and only requires a bit of texturizing product to enhance the shaggy effect. This relaxed, casual look is great for everyday wear and adds a youthful, carefree vibe.

16. Hard part with comb over

A hard part with a comb over is a striking and sophisticated style. The hard part adds a sharp, defined line, while the hair is combed over to one side, creating a sleek and polished look. This hairstyle works well for straight hair and requires regular maintenance to keep the part sharp and the comb-over in place.

17. High and tight

The high and tight is a military-inspired haircut that's both practical and stylish. This very short hairstyle features closely cropped sides and a slightly longer top. This cut is perfect for those who prefer a no-nonsense, low-maintenance look. The high and tight suits all hair types and is particularly great for active lifestyles, providing a clean and sharp appearance.

18. Side swept bangs

Side swept bangs are a great way to add a touch of elegance to a round face. This style involves longer hair at the front, swept to one side to create a soft, flattering look. It works well with straight or wavy hair and requires some styling to keep the bangs in place. Side swept bangs are versatile and can be adapted for both casual and formal occasions.

19. Ivy league

The Ivy League haircut is a refined, collegiate-inspired style. This haircut features a slightly longer top with short sides, allowing for various styling options. It can be styled with a bit of pomade for a sleek finish. The Ivy League is a sophisticated choice that works well in professional and social settings.

20. Curly top with fade

A curly top with a fade is a fantastic choice for men with naturally curly hair. The sides are faded short, while the top is left longer to showcase the curls.
This style requires minimal maintenance, just a bit of curl-enhancing product to keep the curls defined and bouncy.

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