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What makes you beautiful? How to achieve Zayn Malik's hairstyle in 4 simple steps

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    Though Zayn Malik's hairstyle has changed over the years, there's one look that most One Direction fans associate with the superstar - the long quiff.

    In this article, we cast the spotlight on Zayn Malik's hairstyles over the years and provide a step-by-step guide on how to achieve his signature look with the help of your barber.

    What is Zayn Malik's hairstyle called?

    Like all prominent pop stars and musicians, Zayn likes to mix things up from time to time. However, the One Direction star is best known for his long quiff.

    That being said, we've seen Zayn with everything from a blonde buzz cut (remember that?!) to a comb over fade.

    Given that we can't show you how to do every single one of Zain Malik's hairstyles in this article, we want to focus on how he achieves the perfect quiff time and time again.

    Zayn Malik's hairstyle - How it has changed over the years

    Looking for the signature Zayn Malik of One Direction hairstyle? The quiff has to be it. During his adolescence, Zayn, like the other members of the band, rocked a quiff that truly grabbed the attention of their legions of female fans.

    Still, here are some of the looks the One Direction heartthrob has rocked in recent years, in case the quiff isn't what you're looking for:

    Crew cut: Yeah, even Zayn stripped things back with a crew cut, which surprised many of us. This cut is one of the easiest to achieve, and it can range from a barber's number 0 to a number 4. You can even do it yourself with the right equipment.

    Blonde buzz: Slightly different to the crew cut, Zayn introduced his blonde buzz cut to the world, with short, dark stubble that made him look his very best. Though a thing of the past, it's still a look that a lot of his fans adore to this day.

    Short and spiky: We've seen Zayn appear numerous times in public with short, spiky hair. This look first appeared in 2016 and is now associated with his younger days, but it's still a Zayn Malik hairstyle that's worth pursuing.

    Swept back: Another look that Zayn has showcased over the years is the effortless swept back look, leaving one or two strands loose to drop down below his eyes.

    Comb over: Zayn surprised so many of his with his comb over, as it just wasn't a look that we were expecting. Still, it was a welcome change from his long-favored quiff and something that worked well on the superstar.

    Undercut Zayn Malik hairstyle: Zayn is no stranger to the undercut, having appeared on stage numerous times with this look. Still, we prefer the quiff, which is why we run through the steps to achieve this iconic One Direction look below.

    How to do Zayn Malik's hairstyle - step-by-step to achieve Zayn's signature quiff

    We can all disagree on our favorite Zayn Malik short hairstyle, but surely we can all agree that the quiff is the One Direction star's signature look.

    So, with that in mind, how do you resemble his look and achieve the perfect long quiff to grab the attention? Here are the steps you need to follow:

    Step 1. Short back and sides

    Task your barber with trimming your back and sides. Opt for a number 1 or number 2 with the clippers for the best look, but you can go as long as a 3 or 4 if your hair is slightly longer.

    Step 2. Scissor trim and thinning

    Next, your barber will scissor trim the front section of your hair. He will also thin out some of your hair if it's bushy and thick, as this gets in the way of a stunning quiff.

    Step 3. Blow dry

    It's now time to blow dry your quiff into position. Using the Laifen Swift Special - an ionic dryer that prevents frizz - blow dry your quiff into the desired direction.

    Step 4. Apply wax or pomade

    Next, run some wax or pomade through your quiff with your fingers. You don't need too much product, as it should hold your hair in place throughout the day

    There you have it - Zayn Malik's signature quiff is super easy to style in just four steps!

    Recap - How to achieve Zayn Malik's hairstyle

    Zayn Malik is a fashion icon, and the One Direction star has changed his look throughout the years. We think the long quiff is his most iconic style, but you can also experiment with some of his other looks if you want to try something different, including his bleached buzz cut!

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