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8 epic hairstyles for teenage guys, from the afro to the undercut

As a teenage guy, you probably want to express your personality and style through an iconic haircut that turns heads for all the right reasons.

Styling your hair is all about choosing a style to suit your preferences and expectations, so you can use the following 9 hairstyles for teenage guys for inspiration.

Let's kick off with the afro, which is a timless look for black teenage guys.

1. Afro

Our favourite hairstyle for black teenage guys

The best way to naturally style your curls and coils is with an Afro style, and this is the perfect hairstyle for black teenage guys. You can go for a full Afro for relaxed, retro vibes, or opt for a smaller Afro if you want something that's easier to maintain and style. We recommend asking your barber to shape your afro so it doesn't appear unruly.

Benefits of the Afro

✅ Enduring popularity

✅ Perfect for black guys looking for various lengths - short, medium, and long

2. Blowback

An easy-maintenance medium-long hairstyle for teenage guys

We can trace the blowback all the way to the 1950s, and this iconic style is great for guys with medium-length hair. It's similar to the pompadour and is all about the blown back fringe, which you can achieve easily with an ionic blow dryer like the Laifen Swift. A quick blow with your dryer achieves the frontal blowback look that has been popular for decades, making this a brilliant style to dry this year.

Benefits of the blowback

✅ A timeless look that has been popular since the 1950s

✅ Easy to achieve in a matter of minutes

3. Long side parting

A super popular long hairstyle for teenage guys

The side parting has been popular with teenage guys for a long time, and the long side parting is a great option if you have medium-long hair. You need to create a natural part and comb your hair to one side. The best way to rock this look is to buzz cut the hair on the other side of your head, before applying a holding wax to the long-parted hair for the ultimate look.

Benefits of the long side parting

✅ Suitable for all hair colors

✅ A great choice for both smart and casual looks

4. Long wavy hair

An effortless wavy hairstyle for teenage guys

If you're looking to achieve a teen heartthrob vibe, look no further than long wavy hair as your style in 2024. If you have naturally long and voluminous hair, let those waves flow and sweep your hair back for an incredible natural look. You can style the front with some holding hairspray so it doesn't flow down in front of your eyes.

Benefits of long wavy hair

✅ A great “natural” look for guys with long hair

✅ Easy to style on a daily basis

5. The undercut

The number one hairstyle for teenage guys with short hair

The undercut delivers a sharp contrast and is a great alternative to the traditional fade. The sides need to be super short, with a top section with more length. This look was a huge hit among Peaky Blinders fans when the show premiered, and it's a super low-maintenance style that is perfect for teenage guys looking for a short style to rock in 2024.

Benefits of the undercut

✅ Easy to maintain

✅ No styling product required

6. Curly bangs

An awesome curly hairstyle for teenage guys

For a daring style, curly bangs are a great choice for teenage guys in 2024. To achieve this look, purposefully leave your hair curly at the front and cut the length so the curls are just above your eyebrows. Bangs are great for framing your face and help to show off the rich color of your eyes.

Benefits of curly bangs

✅ Trending in 2024

✅ A great look for black teenage guys

7. Short curls

A cute hair style for teenage guys

If you're looking for a clean cut cute hairstyle in 2024, look no further than short curls. The side is characterized by a taper fade, with the top of your hair achieved by a scissor cut. To achieve the curls on top, ask your barber to use rollers to truly accentuate this style.

Benefits of short curls

✅ A combination of a fade and curls

✅ Perfect for any guy with short hair

8. Low man bun

2024's trending hairstyle for teenage guys

A trending style that is chic and sophisticated, the low man bun is the obvious choice for teenage guys in 2024. The secret to the man bun is using a hair spray to remove any loose ends, which achieves a sleek and effortless look. You can add a colorful band for a man bun with a difference.

Benefits of the low man bun

✅ Low maintenance style that is trending

✅ Perfect for guys with medium-long hair

Choose your best hairstyles right now

As you can see there are so many brilliant looks for teenage guys in 2024. You should select a style based on your hair type, and you can even consult your barber if you're unsure where to start or which style to go for.

Each of the styles that we have introduced above are easy to create and maintain, offering you an iconic style without any hassle.

Whichever style you go for, make sure you maintain your hair properly - opt for a Laifen dryer to prevent your hair from frizzing and overheating, and make sure the products that you choose a free from harmful chemicals like sulphates, parabens, and alcohol.

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