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4 best lightweight hair dryers to buy in 2024 to achieve your styling goals

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Opting for a lightweight hair dryer is a smart move. Not only does it make it easier for you to dry and style your hair, but the best lightweight hair dryer is also portable and easy to carry from place to place if you're regularly on the move.

At Laifen, we have four of the best lightweight hair dryers on the market, each with its own features and advantages. In this article, we introduce you to the Swift Special, the Swift Premium, the Swift, and the SE, to help you decide on the best lightweight hair dryer to buy in 2024 to help you achieve your style goals.

Key features to look for in a lightweight hair dryer

To help you choose the best lightweight hair dryer from Laifen, here are some things you should always look for in a quality, portable blow dryer:

  • Opt for a lightweight ionic hair dryer to achieve frizz-free hair.

  • Lightweight shouldn't mean cheap or poor build quality. Rather, opt for dryers that feature brushless technology and premium, lightweight materials that are built to last.

  • Consider the style that you're going for and buy a dryer with the right attachments.

  • You can either buy a hair dryer with attachments included or order the attachments separately, depending on the model you want.

  • Choosing a dryer with adjustable heat settings is crucial for protecting your hair from heat damage. Each Laifen dryer has three heat settings to put you in full control.

Top 1. Laifen Swift Special lightweight hair dryer

Weight: The Swift Special dryer, by itself, is under 1lb in weight (specifically 407g). To illustrate its lightweight nature, it weighs as much as a paperback book or a small tablet.

Laifen Swift Special lightweight hair dryer

We rate the Laifen Swift Special as the best lightweight hair dryer to buy in 2024. Why? Well, it's available at a super affordable price point, comes with three essential attachments for ease of styling, and boasts adjustable heat settings for damage-free drying.

The Swift Special is extremely lightweight and portable, meaning you can easily take it with you when you travel for work or pleasure. We recommend adding the travel case if you're keen to use the Laifen Swift Special as a lightweight travel hair dryer, as it will help you to carry the dryer without damaging it in transit.


  • Comes with 3 essential styling nozzles - diffuser, concentrator, and styler

  • 3 adjustable heat settings - cool, medium, and hot

  • Extremely lightweight and portable


  • The travel case is an optional extra and not included in the price

Top 2. Laifen Swift Premium portable hair dryer

Weight: 407g/0.89lb/14.35oz (w/o cord)

Laifen Swift Premium portable hair dryer

If you're looking for a salon-grade lightweight hair dryer, look no further than the Laifen Swift Premium. It delivers whisper-quiet drying and is super light, making it the best lightweight, low-noise hair dryer in the Laifen range.

Though it's our most expensive dryer, it is available in premium color schemes that add a touch of class to your hair drying and styling, so you can choose from golden pink, golden blue, or golden white. When you opt for the Swift Premium, you will be able to dry your hair 5.5x faster than other products and benefit from the ionic hair dryer's technology that is a signature of the Laifen range.


  • Whisper-quiet drying

  • Super lightweight - perfect for drying your hair on the move

  • Available in luxury materials and premium color schemes


  • The most expensive hair dryer in the Laifen range

Top 3. Laifen Swift small blow dryer

Weight: Weighing just 407g and measuring less than 9cm in length, the Laifen Swift is remarkably lightweight and portable. Its ergonomically designed handle enables comfortable use for extended periods, making it perfect for professional hairstylists.

Laifen Swift small blow dryer

The dryer that helped us to make our name, the Swift is where it all began and has been trusted by stylists and influencers for years. It's also our most popular dryer and it's one of the best lightweight travel hair dryers on the market.

Though it doesn't come with the diffuser or concentrator nozzle, the Laifen Swift features a brushless motor and ionic technology that is essential for reducing frizz. You can effortlessly cycle between the adjustable heat settings to dry your hair to perfection, and it's a great choice if you're looking for an affordable, lightweight ionic hair dryer.


  • Ionic technology to reduce frizz

  • The original Laifen dryer that is trusted by pro stylists and influencers

  • Hassle-free drying with adjustable heat and several speed settings


  • No extra attachments are included in the price, but both are are available for a fee

Top 4. Laifen SE lightweight dryer for curly hair

Weight: 407g/0.89lb/14.35oz (w/o cord)

Laifen SE lightweight dryer for curly hair

Last but certainly not least is the Laifen SE blow dryer. Available for less than $150, the SE is the most affordable dryer in the Laifen range and is perfect for anyone looking for a lightweight hair dryer on a budget.

You can benefit from using both of the nozzles included - the diffuser for curling and the magnetic nozzle for everyday styling. The SE boasts adjustable heat settings and can blow dry your hair 5.5x faster than comparable products, proving that you don't have to break the bank to use a premium, salon-grade blow dryer.


  • The most affordable hair dryer in the Laifen range

  • 2 nozzles included - the diffuser and magnetic styling nozzle

  • Capable of drying 5.5x faster than standard blow dryers


  • Not available in premium colors


Whether you're looking for a lightweight hair dryer with a diffuser or the best lightweight professional dryer, Laifen has you covered, with the Swift Special and the Swift Premium, respectively. You can also check out the Swift and the SE dryers for our most affordable dryers, which proves that you don't need to break the bank to buy a lightweight, portable hair dryer that delivers results.

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