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5 curly hair products to help you achieve the WOW factor!

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Curly hair products help you accentuate your curls and achieve voluminous waves that turn heads for all the right reasons. And the good news is that the best curly hair products are relatively inexpensive - you can add them to your hair care routine without breaking the bank.

In this article, we introduce you to five of the best styling products for curly hair, each of which can help you showcase your style in 2024 to achieve the WOW factor as you step out of your front door. Whether you're looking for curly hair products for black hair or the best products for curly frizzy hair, here are five curly hair must-have products you can add to your hair care routine this year. First things first, you can read a comprehensive guide to curly hair.

1. Diffuser hair dryer

The only way to dry your curly hair is with a diffuser hair dryer. A diffuser attachment is perfect for ensuring even airflow throughout your curls or waves, and it prevents you from overheating a particular section of your hair. Reviewing the best diffusers for curly hair and choosing your suitable one.

What's more, diffuser dryers are natural frizz preventers and help to accentuate the full texture of your hair. When you dry your hair with a diffuser, you will notice much better results than using a standard dryer.

The best diffuser dryer for curly hair in 2024 is the Laifen Swift Special. Why? Well, it comes with a diffuser attachment as standard, making it easy for you to fix the attachment in place to dry your curls to perfection. The Swift Special also boasts:

✅ Ionic technology to prevent your hair from frizzing.

✅ Adjustable heat settings so you can dry your hair on low, medium, or high heat.

✅ High-speed brushless motor that is capable of drying 5.5x faster than other hair dryers.

✅ Choice of several premium colors to suit your personality and hair styling preferences.

We rate the Laifen Swift Special as one of the top curly hair products for 2024, as it will help you dry your curls like a pro. Let's look at some other curly hair products that can help you achieve your styling goals this year.

2. Curl enhancer

A curl enhancer is a lightweight conditioning styler that you can apply to your hair. When applied regularly, it can enhance the texture of your waves and provide additional frizz protection.

Curl enhancers are available from many brands - such as Living Proof - but you should look for a product that is free from harmful ingredients like sulfates and parabens where possible.

You need to apply a curl enhancer to wet hair from the roots to the tips of your hair for the best results. When applied frequently, you will see incredible bounce and volume in your curls and waves, which is a style you can surely get behind.

As a result, a curl enhancer is one of the best curly hair products for women, and it will help you achieve the voluminous waves that you're keen to show off this year.

3. Wide-tooth comb

The brush or comb that you use can make a huge difference to the volume and texture of your curls. For styling curly hair, we recommend a wide-tooth comb. The additional width between the teeth of the comb is essential, as it allows more hair to pass through to maintain your curls, while also helping to detangle your hair and remove stubborn knots.

A wide-tooth comb ranks as one of the best styling products for curly hair, as it helps you to accentuate your curls while adding both texture and volume. It's inexpensive, too, making it a great addition to your hair styling routine this year.

You can also choose from the best hair dryers with comb attachment.

4. Microfiber towel

Though a diffuser hair dryer is the best way to blow dry your hair, you also need to have the right products for curly hair when drying your hair naturally. With that in mind, you need to consider a microfiber towel.

A microfiber towel allows you to dry your hair without damaging it. If you use a coarse cotton towel, the chances are that you're causing damage to your hair each time you dry it, which may even result in breakage or some of your hair falling out.

The smooth surface of a microfiber towel reduces the likelihood of frizz occurring after a towel dry, as it doesn't disrupt the cuticles. What's more, it helps your curls stay intact, resulting in much better texture for people with curly hair.

So, a microfiber towel is a lightweight curly hair product you can add to your styling routine this year, as it's widely available and can have a big impact on the way you wear your curls. Here, learn how to wrap your hair with a towel.

5. Leave-in conditioner

If you're looking for organic curly hair products, look no further than an oil-based leave-in conditioner to accentuate your curls. Leave-in conditioners are superb for nourishing and moisturizing your curls, while some can even stimulate growth and add strength and texture to your hair.

There are lots of leave-in conditioners available today, but we recommend those within ingredients like argan oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil as the best for people with curly hair.

Expert tip: When applying a leave-in conditioner, don't work it all the way to your roots, as this can cause your hair to look greasy.

Leave-in conditioners are top curly hair products for men and women and can help to breathe new life into your curls, while preventing breakage. Remember to look for natural ingredients where possible and avoid harsh chemicals to keep your hair strong and healthy.

The verdict

We recommend the Laifen Swift Special as the best product for curly hair, as it comes with a diffuser to help you blow dry your curls to perfection.

But you can also invest in our other recommended products to help you dry and style your curls to perfection this year.

A curl enhancer, wide-tooth comb, microfiber towel, and organic leave-in conditioner can deliver excellent results when styling and caring for your curls, so use each of them to elevate your haircare routine in 2024.

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