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Your comprehensive hair dryer holders – buying guide

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If you have a morning routine that involves styling your hair, you probably find the idea of a hair dryer holder more than just alluring. This little appliance helps you store and locate your hair dryer in the mornings, without having to rummage around for it. It is a handy and aesthetic solution for storing this much-needed device. The right hair dryer holder makes your hair routine more efficient and ultimately also more enjoyable, so it is definitely worth the small investment.

What distinguishes wall mounted hair dryer holders and what are the advantages?

With a hairdryer holder, your hairdryer has a designated place, is always handy and doesn't have to be stowed away in a cupboard or drawer after every use. However, installation used to be complicated. Manual dexterity and the necessary tools were required, to attach it to the wall.

  • Holders for hair dryers are attached to the wall in the bathroom.

  • After drying your hair, you simply place the hairdryer in the round or square clip or spiral with the fan facing downwards, so you don't need to store it in a bathroom cabinet and save space.

  • Thanks to the open storage near the bathroom mirror, you always have your hairdryer within easy reach.

  • Hair dryer holders for bathrooms are available in various designs made of stainless steel or coated plastic and usually in silver or black, fitting in with your aesthetic.

  • You can find models that are attached with screws and plugs as well as curling iron and hair dryer holders that you can attach without drilling using self-adhesive strips.

What should I look out for in hair dryer holders?

1. Size

Although the fan tubes of hairdryers have different diameters, they usually become narrower towards the tip so that most models fit into any hairdryer holder. The product description specifies the diameter of the holder, which is between 5 and 15 cm. The smaller the diameter, the further the hairdryer protrudes from the holder, which can lead to a certain degree of instability at some point.

Tip: You can use a tape measure to quickly determine the diameter of the hairdryer in the desired position. To do this, divide the measured circumference by 6.28 (2 x Pi) for the radius and multiply the result by two for the diameter, for all your math geeks out there.

2. Material

If you want your hair dryer holders wall mounted, be aware what material they are made of. Usually either plastic or metal is used. Plastic models are lighter and therefore put less strain on the screw connection or adhesive joint on the wall. Stainless steel holders are somewhat heavier but are usually characterized by an attractive design and a longer service life.

Tip: You can also get lightweight plastic brackets with coated surfaces for a stainless-steel look. However, the coating can become damaged or flake off over the years.

3. Shape

Classic holders usually have a round shape and therefore fit snugly against the housing of the hairdryer. However, there are also square hairdryer holders, which can also hold larger appliances, and spiral-shaped holders, which usually enclose the hairdryer over the entire length of the blower tube. As a result, this shape generally offers increased stability and more safety than the square holders, for example.

4. Protection against scratching

Sometimes round and square metal hairdryer holders are coated on the inside with a softer material such as rubber or synthetic resin to protect the sensitive housing of the hairdryer from scratches or damage.

5. Cable holder

Many hair dryer holders are equipped with a small loop for attaching the power cord. This keeps the power cable tidy at all times and allows it to be removed and plugged in quickly if required.

6. Additional hair dryer and straightener holders

Combi models are equipped with additional storage options or integrated baskets. This allows you to store other bathroom accessories with the hairdryer holder, such as an additional straightening iron.

How do I attach the bracket to the wall?

Here is a quick list of various options to install your hair dryer holder on the wall:

1. Drilling

Simple brackets are equipped with drill holes for fixed installation on the bathroom wall. When marking out the holes, make sure that they are in the grout lines and that you don't have to drill into the tiles. With sturdy screws and suitable wall plugs, this type of mounting will last for years and is generally insensitive to moisture.

2. Adhesive strips

Adhesive hairdryer holders have self-adhesive surfaces on the back. These adhesive surfaces should be applied directly to the tile and not across grout lines. First clean the tile thoroughly with an alcohol solution and dry it carefully before removing the protective film and pressing the holder firmly against the tile. Adhesive strips do not withstand heavy loads as well as screw-fixed versions and can loosen after a while due to the effects of moisture and mechanical stress.

3. Special adhesives

Special adhesive solutions combine easy installation with long durability. A fixing adapter is first attached to the thoroughly cleaned tile and filled with an adhesive compound. Once the polymer adhesive has dried, the actual hairdryer holder is mounted on the adapter.

How to remove stick on hair dryer holders from tiles

As a rule, the adhesive can be easily removed from a hairdryer holder, but if you want to reposition it at some point, you can remove the adhesive again without leaving any residue using a scraper or scrubber.

Find your perfect hairdryer holder for every bathroom - hair dryer holders for sale

1. For minimalists

Minimalist hairdryer holders fit seamlessly into any bathroom ambience and impress with their simple design. They are ideal for people who value clean lines and simplicity. Installation is usually straightforward, making them easy to attach to the wall.

2. For those on a budget

Price-conscious buyers don't have to compromise on quality. There are a variety of affordable options that offer stability and functionality. These hairdryer holders are practical with no frills but reliably fulfill their purpose.

3. Luxury lovers

For a touch of luxury in your own bathroom, there are hairdryer holders that impress with their elegant design. They are often made from high-quality materials and can offer additional features such as an integrated socket. They add an exclusive touch to any bathroom.

4. Innovative technology fans

Tech-savvy users will love hairdryer holders with innovative extras. For example, they can be equipped with sensors that automatically hold and release the appliance. They offer convenience and a futuristic touch for anyone who loves technology.

Hair dryer holders offer an easy and convenient solution to space-efficiently store your device for everyday use. We hope that our tips can help you find the right model for you

The last words

In conclusion, whether you seek simplicity, affordability, luxury, or tech-savvy features, choosing the right hair dryer holder enhances your daily routine. The various shapes, materials, and installation options provide flexibility. Consider size, material, shape, protection, cable management, and additional features when selecting.

With our guide, finding the perfect holder is made simpler. Embrace the convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal a well-chosen hair dryer holder brings to your bathroom, making your hair care routine not only practical but also enjoyable. Invest in the right holder to elevate your daily styling experience.

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