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Vintage hair dryers: Worth it?

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Looking back in history, vintage hair dryers are undoubtedly cool. They feature brilliant designs and awesome color schemes and have even inspired modern companies to design blow dryers in specific ways.

Though they aren't widely available, it's fair to say that vintage dryers are making a comeback, with many people looking to buy one for use at home. But are vintage hair dryers worth it? How do they shape up, and what are the pros and cons?

Here, we run through everything you need to know before buying a vintage hair dryer, and we introduce you to a modern alternative to a vintage blow dryer that offers more features for improved usability.

What is a vintage hair dryer?

A vintage salon dryer is an old-school hair dryer from previous decades. Some of the vintage hair dryers that you can buy today were used in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and they incorporate various designs and different features.

Salon dryers may come with a large hood and be fixed in place, while vintage portable dryers are those that come with relatively short cords that you can use at home with ease.

The biggest advantage of using a vintage hair dryer is that it looks great. It can certainly be a showpiece and it will be a talking point if you show your friends. But is a vintage hair dryer really a good investment? Let's take a look at some of the pros and cons of buying an older model dryer.

Pros & cons of a vintage style hair dryer

If you're thinking about buying a vintage salon hair dryer, we recommend reading our list of pros and cons before making your decision:

 Pros Cons
✅ Vintage hair dryers look great and can serve as a quirky addition to your hair styling routine ❌ It's difficult to know the condition of a vintage hair dryer before buying one - you might find that it doesn't work as expected when you receive it
✅ Depending on the make and brand, you will likely find that a vintage hair dryer is well-made and built to last ❌ Vintage hair dryers don't benefit from advances in technology - such as ionic hair dryers' technology and brushless motors - that today's best blow dryers have as standard
✅ You can find second-hand vintage hair dryers online via various marketplaces, so it's not to difficult to order one ❌ Quality vintage hair dryers are expensive, and for the price, you can purchase a comparable modern dryer that has many more features and delivers a better blow-dry
✅ It's really easy to use a vintage hair dryer - simply plug it in, and you're all set, as there aren't usually adjustable settings to consider ❌ The lack of adjustable heat settings means that it can be difficult to control how you dry your hair and it may cause you to overdry or overheat your hair when drying it

Modern alternatives to a vintage salon hair dryer

We know that some people are interested in buying a vintage portable hair dryer, but we think the cons outweigh the pros, particularly given the price point of vintage dryers.

As an alternative, we recommend the Laifen Swift Premium, a brilliant portable hair dryer that looks classy and features premium color schemes for added glam.

In contrast to vintage hair dryers, the Laifen Swift Premium features ionic technology and a brushless motor, while it comes with adjustable heat settings that make it so easy to blow dry your hair.

As an alternative, we recommend the Laifen Swift Premium

You can also check out the Laifen Swift, Swift Special, and SE dryers if you're looking for a modern alternative to a vintage hair dryer.

Conclusion: Are vintage hair dryers worth it?

We certainly see the appeal of a vintage hair dryer. It can transport you back to a simpler time when technology was more primitive and may appeal if you're looking for a chic addition to your home haircare routine.

However, in most instances, you can buy a high-quality, salon-grade modern dryer for a similar price as a vintage hair dryer. We recommend the former, because it benefits from modern technology to blow dry your hair much more efficiently and without the risk of overheating. Overall, we don't think it's worth investing in a vintage hair dryer for most people. Check out our vintage hair dryers FAQs below for more information.

Vintage blow dryer FAQs

Q1: Are vintage hair dryers worth it?

Though they look great, vintage hair dryers can be more hassle than they're worth. They can be expensive to buy, and if a part breaks, it's difficult to repair. What's more, drying your hair with a vintage hair dryer can take time, so it's not a viable option for everyone.

Q2: What is a 60s vintage hair dryer?

Though the first hair dryer was invented in the 1880s, it wasn't until the mid-1900s that it became a household essential. 60s and 70s vintage hair dryers are from these decades and may be an attractive proposition to collectors.

Q3: Where can I find vintage hair dryers for sale?

You can find vintage hair dryers for sale on sites like Etsy and eBay. Always check the details of the listing and be sure to check the condition of the dryer before placing an order.

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