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Achieving a great result with a blowout for natural hair

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In the intricate landscape of hair care, mastering the technique of creating a seamless blowout for natural short hair is a task that you need to understand to be able to do well. In this guide, we will demystify the process, providing insights into the methods, product choices, and addressing common concerns when it comes to blowouts.

The blow out - what characterizes the look

As the name suggests, the blow-out is a classic blow-dry hairstyle that is created using curlers, among other things. To create the look, you need the right technique, which we will explain in the course of the article.

Although the term "curlers" contains the word "curls", the end result should not be expected to be a super curly mane - rather, these little helpers create lots of volume and conjure up sweeping waves full of volume. The roots are lifted slightly and the hair appears almost fluffy.

Where did the voluminous hairstyle originate?

As already mentioned, the curler blow-out has not just recently become popular - even before the industrial age, curlers were either made from wooden sticks or iron rollers (papillotes) were quickly repurposed. Since then, women have been using the practical tool for a lively mane. Back then, ladies even wore the rollers overnight and benefited from a great hairstyle in the morning.

Understanding the fundamentals: Learn how to properly blow out your natural hair

1. Blowout vs. natural curls

Blowout vs. Natural Curls

The allure of a blowout lies in its capacity to almost instantly transform natural curls into a sleek and polished appearance. This styling option adds versatility to the texture of short natural hair, offering a departure from the usual coil.

2. How to blow out natural hair

To ensure that your hair feels light as a feather on your head and can be carefree in the actual sense of the word, thorough cleansing is important beforehand. Use a deep-cleansing shampoo to remove product residue and sebum from your hair and scalp, so that your hairstyle will look even better.

However, sticky strands caused by oily hair or too much styling product can get in the way of the perfect blowout. For particularly thick hair, it is helpful to use a brush to distribute the cleansing product right to the ends of the strands. Dedicated shampoos cleanse the hair gently and thoroughly, while at the same time providing intensive moisture and care thanks to active ingredients such as neroli oil.

Tip: Fans of home remedies can occasionally use an apple cider vinegar rinse instead of a conventional conditioner, which thoroughly removes dirt and build-up and also prevents bacteria or fungi on the scalp. But be careful here: The acidic product should never be applied to the head undiluted! Mixed in equal parts with water, it creates a simple and effective hair conditioner that can also have a positive effect on the blow-drying result afterwards.

3. Strategic sectioning

Divide your hair into manageable sections to ensure an even distribution of heat and efficient styling. This step is particularly crucial for those with natural short hair, providing better control over the process.

4. Choosing the right tools

Invest in a high-quality blowout kit tailored for natural hair. A lightweight dryer like the Laifen SE and an assortment of nozzle attachments contribute to a customizable and effective blow-drying experience.

5. Technique matters

Adopt a systematic approach, starting at the roots and progressing downward with a round brush. The tension method aids in straightening the hair while preserving volume. Keep the dryer in constant motion to prevent excessive heat exposure on any specific area.

6. Cooling down and setting

After the blowout, allow your hair to cool before applying finishing products. This step facilitates the setting of the style and ensures its longevity.

Blowout kit for natural hair

Selecting an apt blowout kit for natural hair is very important to elevating your styling routine. Prioritize products that help with moisture retention and heat protection. A quality blow dryer like the Laifen SE, heat protectant spray, detangling brush, and nourishing serum should be integral components of your kit for optimal results.

A quality blow dryer like the Laifen SE

Blowout for natural hair: men's perspective

Men with natural short hair can also benefit from mastering the blowout technique. The process remains consistent, underscoring the importance of preparation, sectioning, and employing the right tools. Men's blowout styles often focus on enhancing texture and adding volume while maintaining a polished aesthetic.

Best products for blowing out natural hair

The market provides consumers with an array of products vying for the title of the best for natural hair blowouts. Prioritize products with natural ingredients that promote hydration and heat protection. Seek recommendations, thoroughly check reviews, and be open to a bit of trial and error in finding what suits your hair's unique needs.

How often should you blow out natural hair?

The frequency of blowouts largely depends on individual preferences, lifestyle, and hair health. A judicious approach is recommended to enjoy the benefits without compromising the overall health of your natural hair. Integrate heat-free styling methods into your routine to minimize exposure.

Blowout for natural hair - before and after

Document your blowout journey with before-and-after photos to capture the transformation. Share your experiences on social media, fostering connections within a community that embraces and celebrates natural hair. These images not only showcase your styling prowess but also inspire others to explore and experiment with their own natural hair.

Avoiding heat damage in natural hair blowouts

Preserving your natural hair from heat damage is super important. Implement a consistent hair care routine that includes deep conditioning, regular trims, and the application of heat protectants. Consider integrating heat-free styling methods like a heatless blowout to allow your natural curls to thrive, rebounding from occasional heat styling.


Mastering the art of blowouts for natural short hair is a journey that requires skill, knowledge, and a discerning selection of products. By comprehending the fundamentals, choosing suitable tools, and adopting a mindful approach to heat styling, you can achieve a polished look without compromising your natural hair's health. Embrace your distinctive texture, experiment with various styles, and relish the versatility that a well-executed blowout brings to your natural short hair.

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