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Can you straighten your hair with a hair dryer? Benefits, tips & comparison with a flat iron

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    The simple answer is yes, you absolutely can straighten your hair with a blow dryer. When you use a high-quality, professional blow dryer, you can achieve a natural straight look that is difficult to achieve with a flat iron.

    You can adjust the heat setting and use a round brush to work your hair from its roots to its ends. Though it may take slightly longer than using a straightener, the result will be much better for the long-term health of your hair, and you will likely achieve more fullness and volume.

    Also, when you use a concentrator nozzle to help you, it's much easier to focus the blow dryer in a specific pattern, helping you to achieve straight, shiny hair with your blow dryer.

    We all know about the results that a flat iron can achieve, but what are the benefits of using a salon-grade blow dryer to straighten your hair? Let's investigate.

    The benefits of using a blow dryer to straighten your hair

    ✅ Using your blow dryer to straighten your hair saves you money, as it means that you don't need to buy a straightener.

    ✅ The adjustable heat settings on your blow dryer offer protection to your hair and prevent your hair from drying out - a common issue for people who regularly use flat irons. You can also apply a heat protectant to your hair for additional protection.

    ✅ A concentrator nozzle is a brilliant attachment that you can use to target the drying of your hair, and it can help to achieve a super sleek and straight look.

    ✅ Using your hair dryer as a straightener means that you can also use it to style your hair in different ways. You can opt for the diffuser nozzle to curl your hair or the styling nozzle to achieve different looks. If you buy a flat iron, you are stuck with one style.

    ✅ Thanks to the ionic technology within the best blow dryers, you reduce the likelihood of frizz when you straighten your hair with a blow dryer.

    Pro tip: Choose a hair dryer that straightens hair!

    As you can see, there are numerous benefits to using a blow dryer to straighten your hair. But the key is choosing the best blow dryers for straightening hair.

    We recommend the Laifen Swift Special, which is a small yet extremely powerful straightening hair dryer. The Swift Special comes with three attachments - the concentrator nozzle, diffuser nozzle, and magnetic styling nozzle - to make it extremely easy to straighten your hair like a pro.

    The Swift Special features adjustable heat settings so you can straighten your hair using the cool, warm, or hot settings. As mentioned above, it also features ionic technology, which is key for reducing frizz when straightening your hair.

    The Swift Special is available in five premium colors - petal pink, ruby red, pearl white, matte black, and silver blue, giving you ample choice before deciding which to buy.

    Hair dryer vs straightener: Which is best?

    A straightener - sometimes referred to as a flat iron - can undoubtedly be a handy tool if you're keen to achieve super straight, sleek, and shiny hair each time. However, buying both a blow dryer and a straightener is more expensive, and there are pros and cons that you need to be aware of.

    So, to help you decide whether to use a hair dryer and straightener or a hair dryer that straightens hair, we've put together this handy comparison chart that you can use before making up your mind:

     A hair dryer that straightens hair Straighteners
    ✅ You can achieve multiple styles with detachable attachments (diffuser for curls, concentrator for straight hair). ❌ You can only achieve one style with straighteners - straight hair.
    ❌ The process of using a concentrator nozzle to dry and straighten your hair is more difficult than using straighteners. ✅ A flat iron makes it extremely easy to straighten your hair and ensures shiny and sleek hair every time.
    ✅ A hair dryer is specifically designed to dry your hair efficiently. ❌ Though it produces heat, straighteners are not designed for drying - they are designed to style and change the structure of your hair.
    ✅ If you use a dryer with an adjustable heat setting, your hair is protected from overheating and drying out. ❌ Due to their heat, straighteners can cause long-term damage to your hair if they are overused.

     The key thing here is that a hair dryer can be used for numerous purposes - drying, styling, curling, and straightening. However, a straightener can only be used for straightening your hair.

    We're not saying that you shouldn't invest in a hair straightener, but learning how to style your hair with a concentrator nozzle attached to a high-quality blow dryer can save you money and may even protect your hair in the long run.

    The bottom line

    Many people opt for a hair dryer straightener - like the Laifen Swift Special - rather than buying  a blow dryer and a flat iron. We think this is a great strategy, as it saves you money and means you don't have to buy both products.

    What's more, using a hair dryer that straightens your hair has lots of additional benefits, as it protects your hair from heat damage and means that you can style your hair in lots of different ways if you decide to mix things up from time to time.

    Each of the Laifen dryers is a great option for straightening your hair, but we recommend the Swift Special, as it comes with a concentrator nozzle to make your life easier.

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