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Keratin treatment 101: How it works, pros and cons, and DIY kits you can try at home

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Keratin is a protein that can be great for your hair. Specifically, it smooths cells that overlap to form hair strands, which can reduce frizz and make your hair much more manageable.

Depending on how often (and how well) it is applied, a keratin treatment can even stimulate hair growth and help you achieve a much fuller and stronger head of hair.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about a keratin treatment, the steps involved, its pros and cons, and how to attempt it at home.

What is keratin treatment?

Sometimes referred to as a Brazillian blowout, keratin treatment is an approach to hair care that involves one crucial protein: keratin.

The process involves applying keratin to your hair before blow drying it and sealing it with a flat iron. As keratin is a natural protein that is fundamental to the growth and strength of your hair, this process can have impressive results. It involves the following steps:

  • Step 1. Wash your hair with anti-residue shampoo.

  • Step 2. Blow dry your hair with a salon-grade blow dryer, such as the Laifen Premium blow dryer.

  • Step 3. Part your hair into sections to prepare for the keratin.

  • Step 4. Apply the keratin to your hair.

  • Step 5. Blow dry your hair after leaving the keratin in for the required time.

  • Step 6. Straighten hair with a flat iron.

Though stylists follow various procedures when applying keratin treatment, the above steps give you an idea about how it works.

How long does keratin treatment last?

If you book an appointment for a keratin treatment at a salon, you can expect the first session to last up to three hours. The results from one session can last for up to three months.

So, if you want to reap the long-term rewards of using keratin in your hair, you should book up to four sessions per year, so you can enjoy the fruits of the treatment in the long run.

Is it successful? Pros & cons of Keratin treatment

Before investing in keratin for your hair, you're probably wondering about its chances of success. The good news is that most people who invest in a long-term treatment plan see the results that they desire. However, people looking for short-term results are often disappointed. Below are the pros and cons of keratin treatments so you know what to reasonably expect:

 Pros Cons
✅ Can improve the smoothness and shine of your hair. ❌ When you go for a keratin treatment at a salon, it can be expensive (around $500 per treatment).
✅ Can deliver long-lasting results if you persist with the treatment. ❌ Your hair can be difficult to maintain following keratin treatment.
✅ Can stimulate hair growth. ❌ Some people with specific conditions are not suited to keratin. You should check with a medical professional if you have concerns.

Keratin treatment at home: Options

Though it's best to head to a salon for a professional hair keratin treatment, there are options for keratin smoothing treatment at home:

1. Keratin kits

You can buy DIY keratin kits to perform the treatment at home. These typically cost less than $100 and save you significant amounts of money when compared to in-salon treatments. Key to these treatments is a keratin mask, which you can apply to your hair for the allotted timeframe.

2. Associated products

In addition to the keratin mask, most DIY kits come with supplementary products like shampoo and leave-in conditioner to help you make the most of the treatment. Make sure you have the right products to help your hair shine.

3. Blow dryer

As the blow dry is a crucial step in the keratin treatment process, you need to have the best blow dryer available to you. The Laifen Special blow dryer is perfect for keratin treatment, as it comprises ionic technology and adjustable heat settings to give you full control over the way that you blow dry your hair.

You can successfully achieve a keratin treatment at home - just make sure you have the right kit, products, and blow dryer to make it work.

Final thoughts

A keratin hair treatment is a great way to add volume and strength to your hair. It can help your hair shine and may even stimulate hair growth when applied over a long period of time.

You can book an appointment with your stylist for a keratin treatment, or you can order a kit and the associated products to do it yourself at home.

Just make sure you have the right equipment - including the best hair dryer for keratin treatment - to ensure that the treatment process is a resounding success. Check out the FAQs below for more information about this popular hair treatment.

FAQs of keratin treatment

Q1: Why is keratin good for hair?

Keratin can be good for your hair because it is a natural protein that is fundamental to the growth of your hair, skin, and nails. It can reduce frizz, stimulate growth, and add volume to your hair when applied correctly over time.

Q2: Is keratin treatment safe?

Generally, keratin hair treatments are safe. However, you need to opt for treatment that excludes formaldehyde to avoid unwanted side effects. You should also make sure you don't have any underlying health conditions that could complicate the treatment. Check with a medical professional if you're unsure.

Q3: What can you expect from keratin treatment before and after?

If you stick to the program, you can expect keratin to add volume and strength to your hair. Some people may also see enhanced hair growth, but it can vary from person to person.

Q4: Does keratin treatment for curly hair work?

Yes, keratin can be beneficial for all types of hair, including curly, straight, and short hair.

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