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5 things before buying a hair dryer: Suit your needs for the best results

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Nobody wants to find a wrong hairdryer because it cannot provide with a good blowout. Choosing the right hair dryer entails more than just picking the shiniest one off the shelf.

With an array of types, prices, and qualities available, it's crucial to deliberate before purchasing.

Hair type dictates the type of dryer needed for gorgeous results, while budget constraints and desired features play a significant role in decision-making. Skipping these considerations may lead to a regrettable purchase. Therefore, taking time to research and understand your needs helps a satisfying investment in hair care.

Here are 5 things to consider before buying your blow dryer.

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Hair type

For curly or coily hair, I advise you to buy a hair dryer with a diffuser attachment to enhance natural curls without causing frizz. Laifen Swift Special with a diffuser and concentrator nozzle to help you style your hair in every morning.

Those with straight or fine hair may prefer a dryer with adjustable heat settings to prevent damage and achieve a sleek finish. Here Laifen SE is recommend more.

Wavy hair types can benefit from a dryer with a concentrator nozzle for more precise styling. You can learn how to blow out wavy hair if needed.


Affordable options may lack advanced features but still offer reliable performance for your basic hair drying needs. They are commonly used for salon use, so they comes with low quality material and effects. Even worse, they may create more frizz to your hair to damage your hair scalp to some degrees.

Higher-end dryers often come with additional features such as multiple heat and speed settings, advanced technology, and ergonomic designs. That's why high-speed, ionic dryers are more expensive than affordable ones. Knowing about an ionic hair dryer will help you choose a better dryer.


For frequent travelers, a compact dryer with lower wattage (around 1200-1500 watts) is more convenient and portable.

Higher wattage dryers (1800-2000 watts) are suitable for those with thick or coarse hair, as they provide faster drying times and more power.

If you are going to travel aboard, you need to know about the local wattage, and then bring an according dryer in your suitcase. In this case, you can try Laifen SE because it's wattage level and size.

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Consider the attachments included with the dryer, such as diffusers and concentrator nozzles, to customize your styling routine.

As said, Laifen Swift Special supports almost all the important accessories required by a blowdryer. You can review the details in its product page on our official website or Surprisingly, sales and deals of Laifen products are available.

Look for dryers with quiet operation if noise is a concern, especially for early morning or late-night use. Swift, Swift Special and SE's noise is low up to 59 dB-Cool and brilliant!


Before making a purchase, read customer reviews and ratings on official online stores like our store > Happy customers to gather insights into the performance, durability, and overall satisfaction of the hair dryer. You can visit the review page here with no hassle. Find the type you want will help you locate your wanted reviews from others.

Pay attention to comments regarding specific features, reliability, and any potential issues reported by other users to make an informed decision. Which product you have bought? Do you need more tips on this? Tell us your ideas in the following.

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