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Go green for Earth Day 2024: Eco-friendly dental product options

Choosing eco-friendly dental products is a great way to celebrate Earth Day 2024. If you're new to Earth Day, it's a reminder of the importance of environmental conservation and sustainability, and it brings people, businesses, and organizations together to act and demand change in different ways.

The organizers of Earth Day are demanding a 60% reduction in the production of all plastics by 2040, and we all have a key role to play in realizing this ambition.

Plastic waste comes in many forms and from practically every industry. For example, every year, roughly 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded in the United States alone. These toothbrushes make their way to landfill and even into US waterways and oceans, where they are picked from the beaches of Hawaii and other beauty spots.

This has to change.

At Laifen, we are 100% behind the "Planet vs. Plastics" goal of Earth Day organizers and agree that eco-friendly dental products are the way forward, so you can use best eco-friendly hair dryer with us.

In producing the Laifen Wave, our pioneering electric toothbrush, we have shunned conventional plastic packaging. We have done away with the plastic sleeve so commonly included in toothbrush packaging, and created packaging that is made from 90% recyclable materials.

Laifen Wave eco-friendly toothbrush packaging materials

But our commitment extends beyond packaging.

By encouraging people to swap single-use plastic toothbrushes made from harmful plastics like polypropylene and polyethylene for electric toothbrushes, we are doing our bit to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our environment every year.

Investing in an electric toothbrush is a small step that everyone can take to move away from manual plastic toothbrushes, and it also improves your dental hygiene in the process. What's not to love about that?

Swapping your manual toothbrush for the Laifen Wave is a great first step to take on Earth Day 2024. But let's look at some other eco-friendly dental products to consider this year.

Biodegradable floss

Most dental floss is made from nylon and it is usually sold in a hard plastic container that isn't recyclable. Given that flossing is advised at least once a day, a lot of floss ends up in landfill every year.

The good news is that biodegradable floss is becoming more widespread, as most people are waking up to the negative impact that nylon floss has on the environment.

Silk or bamboo floss is a much better option, and better yet, it is often sold in a biodegradable or reusable container.

So, switching your standard nylon floss for bamboo or silk floss is another great way to celebrate Earth Day this year and it won't affect the way you look after your teeth.

Homemade toothpaste or toothpaste tablets

Tubes of toothpaste are super bad for the environment. In fact, more than 1.5 billion tubes of toothpaste are thrown away every year and it's a big problem that every country is facing.

Some people make their own toothpaste as an alternative to buying tubes, which you can do with a simple baking soda solution.

Another great option is to invest in toothpaste tablets, which come in plastic-free packaging. You chew the tablet until it turns into paste and then wet your toothbrush to brush normally.

With such pioneering options available, we hope that the days of plastic toothpaste tubes are numbered.

Natural mouthwash

Like toothpaste, mouthwash also comes in the form of tablets, which is a great alternative to buying mouthwash in a plastic bottle.

As an alternative, you can practice oil swilling or opt for an alcohol-free homemade natural mouthwash that does a great job of keeping your teeth clean.

Other tips & eco-friendly dental options

As well as using eco-friendly dental products, there are several other things you can do when looking after your teeth to reduce your environmental impact.

Using less water while brushing your teeth is key. Don't leave the tap running while brushing your teeth and reconsider rinsing your mouth after washing.

If you rinse thoroughly after brushing, you actually limit the effectiveness of fluoride toothpaste, so think twice about filling up a glass of water.

What's more, if you still use toothpaste tubes and aren't yet ready to take a different approach, consider what recycling programs dental companies offer. For instance, Colgate offers to recycle some of its products, which could be a viable option for you depending on where you live.

Final words

As Earth Day 2024 highlights, we all have a responsibility to reduce the amount of plastic that we use.

Swapping your manual toothbrush for an electric brush, using toothpaste tablets, and opting for an eco-friendly mouthwash can all make a big difference and help to reduce the amount of plastic that enters our natural environment every year.

Are you ready to contribute to Earth Day 2024? There's no better time than now!

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